Mindrolling of Tibet located in the Yoru province of southern Tibet was established in the year 1670 by the great master Terdak Lingpa with the help of H.H. 5th Dalai Lama who provided all necessary materials and provisions. First and foremost, a group of Sangha was gathered by providing admission to new monks. Subjects and syllabus to be studied were carefully set, and the introduction of various rituals and sadhanas were done with utmost care and research in order to achieve an excellent learning and practicing space.

Infrastructures and offering items of excellent qualities were established and many sacred statues, doctrines and stupas were built. Of them all, the most important role played by the monastery was to uphold the practice of the tradition of Guru Padmasambava which was a fusion of both Kama and Terma that had the potential to benefit both Buddha Dharma and sentient beings.

Gradually, the lineage of Terdak Lingpa comprising great masters such as Pema Jurme Jatsho and Drinchen Rinchen Namgyal who were the sons of Terdak Lingpa and all other following throne holders till date, and Gyelsey Tenpei Nima and Lochen Dharmashree who were brothers of Terdak Lingpa and all other following Khenrabs belonging to the lineage played a great role during their respective time in holding and flourishing the sacred Kama and Terma tradition to many other renowned lineages today. Therefore, till this age and time, Mindrolling is rightly called as the mother source of Kama and Terma tradition.

In the year 1967, H.H. Dzongnang Rinpoche and H.E. Khochim Rinpoche worked together to establish the 2nd Mindrolling in the holy place of India. After its establishment, the cycle of learning and practicing resumed as it was back in Tibet. A surrounding with all necessary infrastructures and supplements was made available for monks coming from different faces of the world to study and practice Buddhism. Today the management of the Monastery comprising a college, a secondary and a primary school and a retreat center housing about 400 monks is done under the kind guidance of H.E. Khochim Rinpoche, H.E. Khenchen Rinpoche and H.E. Jetsunma Khandro Rinpoche.

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