Lekshey Ling Publications

Lekshey Ling Publications began in 1999, and the digital library Dharma Downloads was created in 2006. Since then the Karma Leskhey Ling Institute has been publishing important Buddhist texts classified in six areas: Kangyur (Buddha’s teaching collections), Mahamudra texts, Buddhist philosophy texts, great masters’ collected works, puja texts, and audio teachings. A selection of Mahamudra and Buddhist philosophy texts from the Karma Lekshey Ling Institute are available for download on this site.

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Lekshey Ling Publications’ series:

Lekshey Ling Mahamudra Series

Lekshey Ling Philosophy Series

Lekshey Ling Puja Texts Series

The Writings of the First Karmapa

The Writings of the Third Karmapa

The Writings of the Fifteenth Karmapa