Om svasti! Until recent times, the Zhijed teachings were available mostly in the condensed collection that forms a part of the vast Treasury of Precious Instructions (gDams ngag mdzod) compiled by Jamgon Kongtrul the Great. However, a larger collection of Zhijed teachings, transmitted during Padampa Rinpoche’s fifth visit to Tibet, was preserved by the Mindroling tradition; centuries ago, Lochen Dharmashri began editing the texts but was unable to complete the edition and wished for someone to do so in future. With the blessings of Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche, who provided the texts, and of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche, who made aspirations and predictions, this task was taken up by Lama Au Tsultrim Gyaltsen and Dungzin Dampa Rinpoche. Establishing Dingri Langkor Zhijed Ling Publications in 2006, they edited the Zhijed teachings pertaining to the Later Lineage and published them as six large Tibetan volumes, together with another six volumes of Chod teachings, plus one volume for the index, enhanced by translations of the titles in Sanskrit and English as well as traditional Vartula calligraphy. Several unique teachings, especially connected with the perfection of wisdom and with tantras and close instructions not found in any other tradition, now may once again be preserved and transmitted within the context of a complete, integrated system of practices.
Following the first publication of Zhijed and Chod texts, Dingri Langkor Zhijed Ling also produced three volumes of the collected works of Zhijedpa Au Lama Tsultrim Gyaltsen, the collected works of Odiyana Vajra (Lama Geshe Orgyen Dorje), and, more recently, the collected works of Dzatul Ngawang Tenzin Norbu (1867–1940) in nine volumes. Dingri Langkor Zhijed Ling plans to publish more volumes to preserve the sacred doctrine of the Buddha in general and the Zhijed tradition in particular. Sarvamangalam!